Our entire team of hairdressers are passionate about everything we do at our gorgeous Newton Abbot hair salon – and that includes our full range of professional hair colouring services.

AHS Blog1V1 208x300 - Hair Salon in Newton Abbot, DevonThe example opposite, taken from a client visit, highlights the commitment and passion with which our hair colour experts provide client colouring services.

And when you consider that nearly 40% of all client visits to our Newton Abbot hairstylists include a hair colouring service, we never under-estimate the importance of providing amazing hair colour, time-after-time, day-after-day.

How do we do this? Through our talented and trained hair colourists.

We’re lucky enough to have a highly-trained team of local hair colour experts at our Newton Abbot hair salon, headed up by Sophie.

As a hair colour specialist, Sophie attended advanced-level hair colouring training and education at the L’Oreal Academy in London, leading to industry-recognised hair colouring qualifications.

sophie 1 245x300 - Hair Salon in Newton Abbot, Devon

Sophie, pictured above, joined the salon after leaving school eight years ago, and has been an integral part of our hair colouring team ever since.

As a Colour Specialist, Sophie also gained one of the highest ever marks achieved by an attendee of the L’Oreal Academy course.

AHS Blog1V3 225x300 - Hair Salon in Newton Abbot, DevonSophie stresses the importance of hair integrity and keeping hair in excellent condition, to ensure that all hair colouring services deliver exceptional results for clients.

We have more than 30,000 client visits per year to our Newton Abbot hairstyling team, so client care is paramount. The client consultation is key, and our hair colouring clients get exactly what they ask for.

To find out more about our expert hair colouring services in Devon, and how to access our superb team of hair colour experts, please get in touch here.